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Bigert and Bergstrom @ LYY

Bigert and Bergstrom have been invited and are now starting collaboration with LesYperYper in Thessaloniki. Initially three films are going to be screened that deal with the humankind’s existential topics. The 3 documentary films are produced in a strong artistic way. All the films are each 56 minutes long.

Last supper a historical and up to date presentation on the tradition of giving a last meal before an execution.

Life Extended a film about how humans in all time have been trying to be immortal.

Weather War a film that deals with human beings effort to take control over the climate and the weather from a personal and political perspective. From the ancient times with weather gods to today’s geoengineering .

All films have been shown in film festivals, art biennales and television channels around the world.

3-13 June 2013

Monday – Wednesday – Friday   18:00-22:00

Artists’ performance:
Saturday 8th of June 20:00

Les yper yper
4 Georgiou Staurou st, Thessaloniki
tel: 2310 269587

For more information please check following link:

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